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At One Health Medical Centers we know that our contracted bilingual, highly qualified, licensed, board-certified optometrist is the “primary care physician“ for your eyes. They will see our patients for all routine eye care needs and will refer you to other specialties if needed.

We have a full optometry services department using state of the art equipment where you can have your eyes exam and pick up your new glasses all in the same place. You can choose from eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses and if covered by your health plan, contact lenses.

As part of your routine eye exam, you will be able have, if necessary, a diabetes screening test. It is a fast, easy, and accurate test and if signs of diabetes are seen you will be referred to start treatment right away.

Our patients do not need a referral to be seen by our optometrist but if there is a need to refer out to outside specialist for surgery our referral department will coordinate the necessary appointments and notify them once the authorization has been processed by their health plan.

For your convenience, we provide door to door transportation service in our own private fleet of vans to all specialist appointments. This includes wheelchair access vans.

At One Health Medical Centers, we're committed to your well-being