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Primary Care Services

Our highly qualified bilingual, licensed and board certified Primary Care Physicians help our patients navigate and guide them to connect with all required specialists and diagnostic or imaging tests needed to put them in the right path for better health. All our physicians and medical staff are constantly in training giving them access to the latest in medical advances.

One Health Medical Centers pride themselves of keeping our practices small, therefore, allowing our doctors ample time so that our patients don’t feel rushed through their appointment. Our patients are encouraged to ask as many questions as they need so that when they go home they feel part and understand their treatment. Even though appointments are recommended, walk-in appointments are available.

Electrocardiogram (EKG), Spirometry, QuantaFlo (Peripheral Arterial Disease test), full service laboratory, influenza and pneumonia vaccines, and vitamin injections are part of the first time wellness visit with your Primary Care physician. Covid vaccines provided by the Department of Health are also available.

If diagnostics studies, such as sonograms/ultrasounds, mammograms, x-rays, CT and Dexa scans are needed, our referral department will take care of this process for you. We will make the necessary appointments and notify you once the authorization has been processed by your health plan. We provide door to door transportation service in our own private fleet of vans, not only to our centers but also to all the specialist appointments. This includes wheelchair access vans.

And even when our practices are closed, we have a 24 hour bilingual answering service ready to serve our patients. This means our patients have around-the-clock care provided by one of our own primary care physicians with access to the patient’s medical records no matter which practice they belong to. We want our patients to feel in control of all their medical needs.

At One Health Medical Centers, we're committed to your well-being